Building your ideas, one pixel at a time.

PixelMii is a collaboration of talented and experienced software professionals. Our service offering spans from software architecture, visual design and development to project management and business application consulting, all within the web and mobile application arena.

Dream it.

Have you been thinking of a cool new app? Or maybe you have ideas on how you could improve a work flow process within a specific industry? Whatever your situation, PixelMii is ready to help you organize your thoughts and turn that idea into a reality. We know the questions to ask and how to translate the answers into well-written software requirements.

Design it.

Our design process begins with the Interface Driven Architecture (IDA) principle of “design what the user will see first, then code it.” Our visual designers and user interface experts will analyze the requirements and produce an interactive prototype for your review. Once the user flow, color scheme, button and content placement is set, the project is ready to be coded.

Develop it.

Our team of skilled engineers is proficient in modern technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Objective-C, Java, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, and SenchaTouch. Additionally, the team is highly experienced in backend server-side scripting languages, such as PHP, ASP, .NET, and Java, and database technologies, such as MySQL, MongoDB and Oracle.

Launch it.

We strive to establish strong working relationships with our clients and measure our success by the outcome of the projects in which we are involved. Before launching the application, you can rest assured that we have extensively tested the code for bugs, usability and performance efficiency to ensure your application will thrive in production.